Friday , February 22 2019

Sexual Arts

Sex is a curious thing to me.  It’s like eating, we all do it.  Yet, most of us don’t talk about it.  We do not express our sexual challenges with our relationships, we remain silent.   Why is it that we all have sex and yet so few us us really explore the possibility of what sex could hold for us?  Why are we not encouraged to explore the possibilities of what a sacred union could be for us?
They say the ancients used sexuality as a way of connecting to God.  That they actually promoted using sexuality with their partners as a way to elevate themselves to a higher plane, heal themselves and those around them.  Why this is such a far out thought in our culture?  Sex is everywhere, the media, movies, TV, magazines  and yet we are never taught the secrets of our own bodies and how to connect deeply and profoundly with another.  We go out and get into relationship and have no skill set from which to learn.  As we go along, we explore with our partners and some find satisfaction. Others spend the rest of their relationship in a very unsatisfying state.  I cannot tell you how many people I talk to, that express their dissatisfaction in the sexual aspect of their relationships.  Then we hit our 40’s and 50’s and most women are pretty much done with sex.  They have spent 20 years or so being dissatisfied and have no interest in that part of their lives any more. What can we do to be proactive at changing this.
When we use sexuality as the sacred gift that it is, we raise our experience to a higher plane just by the way we hold our relationship.    If you see your relationship as sacred and holy, then it is.  This can become a pathway to GOD.
When you orgasm, where are you?  Do you know? Are you thinking or are you in some other state of consciousness?  Have you ever considered the possibility that you are in the “oneness” state?  What if you could experience enlightenment through your sacred relationship with your mate?  Would you explore it further?
To me the sexual arts is that exploration.  Having the willingness to admit that maybe you don’t have all the answers is the first step.  I suppose I’m lucky.  I grew up thinking that sex was something I “had” to do to please my partner.  My complete dissatisfaction with myself and my relationships fueled me to explore other possibilities.  When I began this path, the first thing I explored was me.  I learned where my energy centers where (not just the G spot) and how to take care of my pelvic floor through exercises and stretching.  Then I was introduced to the Jade egg and began lifting weights with my pelvic floor. I began to experience a whole new level of joy and that flowed into my relationship.  I felt empowered and strong, knowing that satisfaction was now in my own hands and not dependent on my partner.  Over time I got stronger and began to use more weights with my egg.  Now, when I orgasm, my energy shoots out the top of my head and it’s a full body experience, not just a tickle in my pelvic floor.  In fact, my orgasms used to be just a few seconds long and now they go on for minutes.  I am able to circulate the energy and pass it back to my partner.  That way he is not being depleted by me, but energized.  We both exist in a blissful state, experiencing our oneness with God.  Can it get any better than that?
Allison Geberin



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