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It was the year 1994, I was studying my MBBS course from Armed Forces Medical College, Pune. Some of my friends approached me in the evening, telling me that a new, very good English movie has been released and asked me to go with them. The movie was “The Mask”. I agreed.

As was the custom and timing, we went for either the evening show or night show. In this case, it was the night show.

I am very sure most of you must have seen the movie “The Mask”, many times. I have seen it many times.

The movie is ectopic but excellent. But, for me the entry of Tina Caryle, our own Cameron Michelle Diaz is most memorable. She is stunning in the movie. Her screen presence is awesome. But, there is an added magnetism to her physicality which is most apparent in this her first movie. This was while watching the movie that I invented the term Beautiful Sexy Cute (BSC) for a beauty. And Cameron Diaz is all that.

Here, I will analyze a few of the Hollywood beauties, in part 1 of this series by the same index of Beautiful Sexy Cute (BSC) that I used for Cameron Diaz in the movie, “The Mask”.

I must also remind the readers that these BSC Index of Hollywood beauties, I have applied when all these beauties were at their peaks and single. So, all description, phantasies, and indexing only pertains to their peaks.

Also, I will try to decipher the beauty and sexy and cute proportion content of these beauties for the reader. All these proportions are approximations and the reader can form their own judgment.

Because, I invented the Beautiful Sexy Cute (BSC) Index for Cameron Diaz as in “The Mask”, I will take her first.

Cameron Michelle Diaz is about 1.74 meters tall.

Now, coming to her physical assets as in the movie “The Mask”, she has a fabulous figure. This marvelous figure is epitomized in the dance sequel in the bar, which she danced with Stanley Ipkiss (Jim Carrey). She is wearing a mini skirt, in fact a micro mini skirt. This skirt only partly hides the panties she is wearing under it. She is wearing a sleeveless top. I think the dress is silvery white.

But, she is sizzling hot in the dress. The mini skirt reveals her perfectly shaped marbled legs, which look so silky and white. The mini skirt also reveals a part of her lower hipbuttocks. The outline of her upper hipbuttock can be made out through the skirt. Its exquisite in shape and size.

The sleeveless top reveals her perfectly proportional and nicely rounded shoulders which dip down in the front to form two absolutely nicely shaped breasts. All this can be made out through the clothes.

Even without moving and in this dress, beautiful sexy cute (BSC) Cameron Diaz is ravishing hot. But, she is wearing this dress for a purpose. She has to dance. She has to dance with Jim Carrey, who with his mask will and can dance like a maniac. Than slowly, the drumming begins. Than the mania begins.

Tina (Cameron Diaz) starts dancing to the tune of the music but also to the madness of masked Stanley Ipkiss (JimmCarrey). The chemistry is gravity defying. Jim Carrey so completely complements the grace, sexiness, beauty and cuteness of Tina (Cameron Diaz) that he transforms Tina (Cameron Diaz) into a dancing epitome!

The dancing reveals from time to time the marbled exquisite legs of Tina (Cameron Diaz) along with her milky white thighs, some of her underwear and some of her derriere. She twirls, she tumbles, she falls, she dances and in the process showcases the most beautiful body in Hollywood at that time.

The dance lasts for only a few minutes but it leaves a everlasting impression on your mind. I have never forgotten that dance and the adrenaline it pumped in my body and some in my groin as well.

The dance has just started and you start phantasising about her. As Tina (Cameron Diaz) is twirling and curling, you want to start at her ends. From feet above, you want to touch her legs and slide the palm of your hands around and over excellently shaped legs with her silky smooth skin giving you the kind of pleasure, which is almost orgasmic in nature.

As you palpate her silky white legs and roll them further above and above and than you stop at her thighs, squeeze them, see that they are real, take out your tongue, the size of Stanley Ipkiss and lick every square millimeter of her silky milky white thighs. She is that tasty there.

At the same time, your tongue is eating her thighs, you want to use your hands to hold her hipbuttocks, squeeze them apart a bit and continue licking. Than there is the nonsense panty coming between your tongue and her juicy succulent vagina. You would definitely want to remove them and than carry your tongue upwards and between her legs and into her juicy vagina. That is very tasty.

Though the dance is only a few minutes but hardly have you formed phantasies about her legs, thighs and vagina, when a second phantasy germinates.

Tina (Cameron Diaz) has a very beautiful, sexy and cute face. You start phantasising about that. You hold her, you put your lips on hers and roll your tongue inside her mouth. She is so warm, so wet there. Your hands start moving downwards, you take off her top to reveal a pair of magnificent boobs. You press them gently and than more urgently and than you put them in your mouth and eat them.

Than also, Tina (Cameron Diaz) is not finished. She has such a well-formed and shapely waist. Certainly, you want to taste her there and you do.

But all this from bottom to vagina and top to waist is very passionate and consumes all your energy and imagination. Yet there is no climax. The dance is still going on. You want to achieve a climax before it ends. You have already taken her panties off and licked her vagina, your thing is ready, its hard and you put it inside the sexiest vagina in Hollywood and give cries of ecstasies.

The gunshots ring.

You are jolted out of your phantasies and out of the vagina of Tina (Cameron Diaz). You see around and find yourself watching “The Mask” in a Cinema hall with your friends.

I again turn to my friends and say, “She is scorching hot, beautiful, sexy, cute (BSC) at the same time. This is a lethal combination, being beautiful, sexy and cute at the same time.”

This is how I remember my invention of the term Beautiful Sexy Cute (BSC) and this is how I remember Cameron Diaz.

But much time has passed since those days and I have written a full book on female sexuality, “Sexuality: Female Sexbeauty Index”. I have also reanalyzed the Beautiful Sexy Cute (BSC) Index and found that all attraction in the opposite sex can be defined in this Index.

Some females have more beauty, some have more sexiness and some are more cute and hence appeal differently to different individuals. Though it’s not possible to standardize their measurement as their assessment is not objective but subjective. But even than, Beautiful Sexy Cute (BSC) Index is not entirely unmeasurable. You can grant different percentage to these three parameters. If we start with 100%, than you can ascribe proportions out of it to the three parameters beauty, sexy and cute in BSC Index.

For Tina Carlyle (Cameron Diaz), I have assigned her 30% for beauty, 20% for cuteness, and 50% for sexiness. Thus according to me, Cameron Diaz in the movie, “The Mask” had a BSC Index of 30, 50, 20.

A BSC Index of 30, 50, 20, as I have assigned to Cameron Diaz in the movie “The Mask” means that Cameron Diaz has all three features in abundance but her sexiness is the overwhelming quality. Some of the reasons for this I have already described above.
But, even if you see Cameron Diaz as in “The Mask” in terms of my ‘Female Sexbeauty Index’, than also her qualities can be understood.

She has a very proportionate face, sexy full lips, excellent eyes, nice nose, good chin and flashy cheeks. On top of that, she has excellent hairs, which enhance her facial features even more and make her more appealing. She has blonde hairs.

The second index in ‘Female Sexbeauty Index’ is the breasts. Cameron Diaz as in “The Mask” has perfectly shaped tight breasts, which are neither too large nor too small. Again, the third index according to ‘Female Sexbeauty Index’ is the hipbuttocks, which are simply marvelous in Cameron Diaz. You want to slide your hands over them both from the front and the back and keep them and continue sliding because they are so good. This time indicates how exquisite and how well proportioned and well shaped are the hipbuttocks of Cameron Diaz in “The Mask”.

Overall, Cameron Diaz as in “The Mask” gives a sense of heavenly beauty, sex appeal and is sizzling and shimmering hot.

You just love the whole of her, including the movie. She has such a fantastic and terrific screen presence and impact.

The next Hollywood beauty that I will describe in terms of the BSC Index is the actress and model Elisha Ann Cuthbert.

She is 1.59 meters tall.

I think she is at her beauty peak in the 2008 movie “My Sassy Girl”.

She plays the role of an alcoholic who has lost her fiancée to suicide and is coping with life by dosing on alcohol. Than she meets the Hero, Jesse Bradford and her life is reinvented.

I think the movie ‘My Sassy Girl’ is perfect to showcase Elisha Cuthbert’s acting talent and magnifies her beauty and physical charm as well as her inner self to the right degree.

The movie is awesome and Elisha Cuthbert in it is absolutely the kind of heroine, every boy going to theatre will fall love in. She has such phenomenal beauty, which is admixed with very high dose of cuteness and right amount of sex appeal that she is simply irresistible in the movie. No boy (or man) can see that movie and not like or love Elisha Cuthbert. She is that good.

But “My Sassy Girl” does something more for Elisha Cuthbert. She has such a great role. It brings out the inner vulnerabilities of Elisha Cuthbert on screen. Not all but enough to force every boy and every man to fall in love with her.

But boys and men just don’t fall in love to vulnerabilities, there is much more to Elisha Cuthbert. There is a jest to live life, a spring in her walk, a twinkle in her eyes, a twirl in her hair, which signifies how much she loves life. You have to fall in love with her.

Boys and men love women who want to be loved. In “My Sassy Girl”, Elisha Cuthbert has a perfect role. She is a girl who wants to be loved. And to boost that want, she has a perfectly beautiful face, which gives the coolness to the eyes as a full moon in a dark night. The eyes get fixated on her face. You don’t want to take them away from her face. Everything else becomes immaterial. You start phantasising about falling in love with her and she with you. This carries you to heaven. You enjoy the movie this way even more.

Because you fall in love with Elisha Cuthbert in the movie, so it seems imprudent to think about sex but love and sex go together. As much of the time you phantasise about love with her, there are times when you want to kiss her on the mouth. She has very kissable lips and face.

But there is a swimming pool scene in the movie, when she is in a bikini and you see her well-proportioned body, shapely legs and hipbuttocks and milky white thighs. There you want to get a bit naughty with her. You try to climb over her, feel her warm body in cool water, take off her clothes and get inside her.  The swimming pool scene is small but by this time you are so warm with passion, love for her that some of the passion, and love goes down to your groin and your thing and than you want to get the thing between her legs.

Overall if we see, Elisha Cuthbert in “My Sassy Girl” compels you to love her, arouses all passions inside you and forces you to have sex with her even as you think that all you want is to love her. And you don’t feel bad about the sex. You feel good about it. This is the biggest positive impact that Elisha Cuthbert has in the movie “My Sassy Girl” over boys, boys and men as well.

Now, lets turn our attention to BSC Index. I think, Elisha Cuthbert as in “My Sassy Girl” is 50% beauty, 20% sexy and 30 % cute. Thus, Elisha Cuthbert as in “My Sassy Girl” has a BSC Index of 50,20,30.

The overall impression that Elisha Cuthbert as in “My Sassy Girl” leaves on us is of overwhelming beauty and cuteness.

Even if we analyze Elisha Cuthbert as in “My Sassy Girl”, by my ‘Female Sexbeauty Index’. She has a very very beautiful chiseled face with very attractive but vulnerable eyes, which at the same time are very naughty and give us possibilities in bed with her. Her lips are absolutely eatable and kissable. Her chin complements her lips, eyes and nose. She has a nose, which makes her lips and mouth even more attractive and kissable. She has perfect flashy cheeks.

On top of that, she has blonde hairs, which enhance her facial features even more.

Her shoulders are proportionate to her height and well rounded and slope down to medium sized breasts, which are perfect at the front of her body. She has a narrow waist, which expands into very proportionate hipbuttocks, which are proportional to her height and shoulders and breasts. This gives her a very sexy figure. Thus, even though she is extremely beautiful and cute but she is sexy too and desirable in a physical way as well.

Thus, Elisha Cuthbert portrays extreme beauty and cuteness with right amount of sexiness.

Added to this are her features of vulnerability, to be loved and zeal to live happily and you have a perfect girl to fall in love.

She is a pure joy to see, watch and savor. She is that good. Extremely good!

Next, I will take Naomi Watts to describe in terms of BSC Index and ‘Female Sexbeauty Index’.

Naomi Watts is 1.64 meters tall.

Naomi Ellen Watts is at her peak as Ann Darrow with Adrien Brody in the 2005 movie ‘King Kong’.

The movie ‘King Kong’ required a heroine with the sort of beauty that the Gorilla King Kong will fall in love and die for. She was to become the beauty that kills the beast.

The ‘King Kong’ role of Ann Darrow required her to be beautiful and cute without being too sexy and be vulnerable. She did the role perfectly well.

Naomi Watts has the kind of ethereal beauty that transcends the screen and interspecies boundaries and slowly seeps into your mind to capture your imagination. From than on you are hers and there is no escape.

What Naomi Watts possesses in abundance is a sort of magnetic beauty that captivates you and keeps you captivated. The beauty of this is that you don’t even know when you are imprisoned and you don’t even want to escape. The feeling is intoxicating and suffocating. This was the feeling, which was to be brought in ‘King Kong’, and Naomi Watts brought it out perfectly. This is the biggest

tribute to her beauty.

But that beauty needs to tell that she wants to be loved to bring that intoxicating feeling and Naomi Watts has the kind of personality and vulnerability which forces us to love her and even forces the King Kong to love her.

But apart from her ethereal beauty, she is immensely cute and attractive. She has doe; almond vulnerable eyes, which search out for love and you, feel inclined to give her love. She has very kissable lips and a very kissable mouth. The vulnerability of her face is further enhanced by her slightly sturdy nose.

She has a narrow long neck, which flows down to proportional but relatively thinner shoulders. This further accentuates her vulnerability and our need to love her. The thin shoulders flow downwards to small but well formed and firm breasts. The breasts proceed down to a very narrow but firm waist. You think of getting that waist in your hands. The narrow waist proceeds down to proportional hipbuttocks, which are in proportion to her height, shoulders, breasts and face. Overall, she has a very exquisite but delicate figure.

But even than, she has an element of sexiness about her, which is evident from her eyes, her lips and her hipbuttocks. You can easily transcend from her beauty and cuteness and into her sexiness to phantasise having sex with her.

Now, lets BSC Index Naomi Watts as in ‘King Kong’. I thinks she is 50 % beauty, 20% sexy and 30 % cute. Thus, Naomi Watts as in ‘King Kong’ has a BSC Index of 50, 20, 30. The overall impression that one gets of Naomi Watts as in ‘King Kong” is aromatic beauty, cuteness, delicacy with plenty of potential in bed.

Now, lets analyze Naomi Watts as in ‘King Kong” by my ‘Female Sexbeauty Index’. She has very proportional but delicate face. She has extremely beautiful eyes which enhances her aromatic beauty. She has small but firm breasts. She has a narrow and firm waist which flows down into proportional hipbuttocks, which overall give a sense of symmetry and beauty.

In essence, Naomi Watts as in ‘King Kong’ radiates and aromatizes beauty, which is lethal.

Next, I will take Hollywood beauty Kristen Stewart and try to BSC Index her.

She is 1.65 meters tall.

In terms of beauty, Kristen Stewart is at her peak in the Twilight saga movies between 2008 and 2012.

Kristen Stewart has a perfectly chiseled face. She has very kissable lips. The only part of her face, which looks vulnerable, is her doe eyes. But this makes her face extremely sexy and immensely kissable.

You want to put your lips on hers and your tongue inside her and kiss her and kiss her till you have sucked out all juice from her mouth. She is so hot in the face and we haven’t even considered her body.

Kristen Stewart’s perfectly chiseled face continues down into a narrow but strong neck and from there into proportionate and rounded shoulders which make her look strong. He arms flow from her shoulders and are very beautiful and proportionate.

The shoulders flow downwards into medium sized breasts, which are firm and accentuate the shoulders above and a narrow waist below.

The narrow waist flows down into extremely well formed and proportional hipbuttocks, which are as chiseled as her face and which themselves flows down into very proportionate and sexy legs.

Now, if you want to test the sexiness of her hipbuttocks and her legs, you have to see the Twilight saga movies. In one of them, after having sex with the hero, she is lying on bed face down. She is still wearing her panties. A bed sheet covers her upper hipbuttocks and back. This leaves both her legs and lower hipbuttocks in full view. You immediately start to form phantasies. You get on the bed. You sit besides her, near her beautiful hipbuttocks.

You begin to feel her thighs and legs and feel her upwards. You begin to massage her milky white sexy thighs. She groans and moans. Than you take your hands upwards and hold her hipbuttocks, milking them. However, this doesn’t seem to be enough. You put your hands into her panties from below, feel, and palpate her upper hipbuttocks. You get more excited. But this is not enough. You pull down her panties and start kissing her beautiful and sexy hipbuttocks and thighs. Kissing her hipbuttocks is as exciting as kissing her mouth. She too gets very excited. She raises her hipbuttocks slightly, exposing her vagina. You immediately hold her vagina in a pinch and put a finger inside. Its hot and its wet. She gets even more excited. She raises her hipbuttocks further. Now, you take out your erect apparatus and put it inside her hot and juicy vagina. She cries with ecstasy and delight. You are in heaven. She is that hot and sexy.

Now, lets BSC Index Kristen Stewart as in Twilight Saga. I think she is 40% beautiful, 40% sexy and 20% cute. Thus Kristen Stewart as in Twilight saga has a BSC Index of 40, 40, 20.

I have already described Kristen Stewart as in Twilight saga in terms of my ‘Female Sexbeauty Index’ above.

Trust me, Kristen Stewart is extremely beautiful and sexy but cute as well. She is scorching hot and attractive. She has the mannerisms to compliment them!

Have a sexy day!
Tanvir Nebuchadnezar


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