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10 Marital Problems That Cause Divorce

By Cathy Meyer

Below is a list of ten marital problems that may cause divorce; consider how you are currently dealing with these issues, and how

you could better deal with these issues for the sake of your marriage.

  1. Money problems.

Most couples argue over bills, debt, spending, and other financial issues. How you decide to deal with money problems in your marriage will determine whether those problems has a negative or positive effect on your marriage.

  1. Children.

Discipline, diet, and other parenting issues can be sources of disagreement between couples. A child is the number one stressor in a marriage and can accentuate differences in beliefs on issues like how to discipline, who is responsible for most of the child care or what educational options to choose.

  1. Sex.

Frequency, quantity, quality, and infidelity are all common sources of stress and disharmony in a marriage. Withholding sex to punish a spouse, breaks the marital bond. Cheating on a spouse destroys trust.

Sex can be a HUGE issue when it comes to undoing the vows you took.

  1. Time apart.

Time apart and a lack of quality time together causescouplesto become out of sync with each other. Having shared interests and activities you participate in on a regular basis helps couples stay connected.

  1. Household Responsibilities.

Many couples argue over equitable distribution of household work, and how to do it. Instead of sitting down and dividing household chores fairly they quibble over who did or didn’t do what. Don’t quibble or divide up chores, you’re adults, if you see something that needs to be done, do it!


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