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the illusion of life – Religion

            How do people come to know what they know? Through other people, thoughts, and books – correct? And precisely how are these thoughts thought of and how are they written? By human beings, after thinking the thoughts in their mind.

So in other words,

            People cannot talk to god,
and those that do – well,
those are the people
who hear their own thoughts.

Let us clarify: People cannot talk to god. Nobody has ever been able to talk to god. (And if anything, god itself has only been an idea of ours, a concept brought about in the mind of human beings grasping for understanding of our universe.)

            If a person, say, named Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, or Joseph Smith, Jr., for example, had thoughts about how things should be practiced, these thoughts would have originated through their own evaluation of the world, otherwise known as: their own thought process.
Or in other words, these people’s thoughts were not divinely inspired and did not originate from some imaginary being called ‘god.’ Keep in mind, these are just ordinary people we are talking about here, arbitrary beings with arbitrary names. Their name may as well have been Bill or Cliff for our purposes, but the ones previously mentioned have taken on a more, oh, example worthy connotation over the years.

So, with that said, any way of life that descends from these people is only an illusion, and any system that arises from it is also an illusion, such as ‘church hierarchy.’
Where do you think these people labeled as Popes, Bishops, Cardinals, Priests and the like get their titles and their power? I am sure you can probably guess by now, so let us say it together: from their imaginations.
This hierarchal ‘power’ is the same exact rubbish as mentioned in the Authority section. For further explanation, please reference “Police-Man Dan” and substitute him with “Pope/Priest/Cardinal/etc.” You will see it all works out the same.
No one has power over anyone else, much less any more ‘spiritual prowess’ than another which gives them dominion over their ‘followers.’

            But the problem is, these religions will not have you think as so. They obfuscate our foundation of reasoning so that we cannot think as so, even when it is directly presented to us. Religions want us to think people can talk to god because they do not want us to know that we can think for ourselves.

Bare with me as we parse it out,

            Religions teach us to believe
to only accept
what we are taught to believe,

            so that we cannot possibly
understand anything else
than what we are taught to believe,

            because anything other than
what we were taught to believe
goes against our beliefs,

            and so it cannot be true
because it goes against
what we were taught to believe.

This process is terribly genius, I must admit, but in the end, it falls victim to the same problem Authority does – that is, its ‘power,’ or should we say lack of it, is in the audacity of its self-designated proclamation.
Religions cleverly take control of a man’s mind through the dismissal of it, and so the followers also learn to dismiss themselves, their rationale, and their reality. Once that happens, most anything can happen.
Virgin births take place, H₂O phase changes into fermented grape juice, loaves of bread rejuvenate like starfish, human beings stroll on water, lepers and the blind are cured with a touch of a hand – a hand interacting and curing on a cellular level – people rise from the dead, and heaven with eternal bliss opens up – Oh, what magic! What wonder! What imagination!
But, “What…magic and imagination?” Exactly. These things cannot happen in reality, by any means, so how do we make them happen? The imagination is the only way. Further yet, how do we conceal this fact? Ah, now that could be a problem…but again, religion has yet another terribly genius answer for us: they have not attempted to merge imaginary thoughts with reality, they have simply made imaginary thoughts the equivalent of reality.
What has happened is this: Religions have attempted to take reign over reality by making reality itself the same as imaginative thoughts.
Do you see how clever that is? To render a man incapable of differentiating the impossible from the possible; unable to define fiction from nonfiction; for how can they reason if their reason does not stand the test against what ‘god has proven’?
Of course, they cannot, their mind can only be sent into turmoil, and so religion emerges the victor – the obvious, only choice for those who are confronted by it, simply because it provides a way out of being an ‘irrational’ mess. Yet again, pure cleverness by religion. It makes the rational people feel illogical, and supports the irrational people with rewards of potential splendor. 
However, keep in mind that it was religion itself that initiated this mess, so of course it can only be itself that provides a way out of its own trap.

Another problem arises in that people are too afraid to call these religions out because the religion itself is telling us we are going to ‘hell’ unless we believe in ‘Jesus’ and become ‘saved,’ for example. Instead of calling the bluff right here, most people become frightened for fear of being sent into *prepare spooky voice* ‘Eternal Torment’ and ruining themselves after they die. [?] Again and again, pure cleverness! By inventing an After-Death Conspiracy, religions have created a potential punishment for being rational, and have then in turn created a reward for the people who choose ignorance – since after all, how else would a smart person follow what otherwise cannot be true?

            Religion has also attempted to give itself credibility through numbers of ‘witnesses,’ which is also a dastardly little trick set up for those who do try to reason, because, again – one simply cannot. But think about it, even if just one – thousands – even millions – of people agree that an impossible act happened, does that change the fact that it cannot happen?
And even if something considered impossible did appear to happen, it could only happen due to other, fully possible, means. Otherwise, the impossible act voids itself of being impossible since it just occurred – need I say more?
So, for example, should some dude named Jesus actually have walked on water or popped out of a virgin vagina, it should come as no surprise since apparently, these things would be fully possible. But I digress, and as we know, these things are not possible due to the fundamental way our universe operates, and to claim otherwise – now that is pure heresy.

            However, still trying to escape chemistry, biology, and physics, religion has attempted to define possibilities as exclusive to a ‘chosen being,’ insisting that one man labeled ‘god’s son’ was exempt from reality and transcended beyond it, even though he existed in this reality where such transcendence would probably have ripped the fabric of space-time and created a black hole of sorts. (Just a guess…I am not really an expert on consequences of the impossible.)
Unfortunately though, however cool that would have been, this ability to transcend reality could not be exclusive, much less even potentially possible, in this universe; the same natural laws hold true for us all – even for ‘god’s son’ if he could have existed.
Also, consider the method of proof here. If god wanted to prove his existence and wanted everyone to obey his ‘word,’ why would he mess around and pretend to be a magician?
While I am not sure if there are any reliable ways of perceiving credibility, the last thing on the list would be a performance of sly magic tricks as proof that all they say is true. “Yes, so I made the rabbit pop out of the hat, and that means I am in charge of everything.” [Where is the correlation here?!]
For the record, these magic tricks termed ‘miracles’ are only imaginary happenings that people confronted with religion are convinced into believing, as though this reality and the natural occurrence of things is not good enough for them.
If anything happens, including something termed a ‘miracle,’ it can only be caused by the natural way of things, even if it is extraordinary.
So, for example, let us say a person recovered from a terrible accident or cancer. Does this mean a miracle just occurred? No…it simply means the person’s cells figured things out. Woohoo, nature apparently knows what it is doing – imagine that!
See, there is no reason to attribute nature to some deity, when nature is simply the extraordinary force that is itself. And personally, I think this explains a bit better why this world and its creatures can be so ruthless and unforgiving, because obviously an all loving god would have planned out the environment, the creatures, and their predispositions a little better – making it so that animals at least did not have to eat each other and making the planet so that it would not rage as severely as it does. Tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, and volcanoes anybody?
But of course, these things are due to Satan, god’s adversary, yesss…the reason things are not all utopian, lovey-dovey and perfect is because god has a rival, and it is game on! […] Oh dear, when will all this nonsense end? How many more inventions of thought do we have to make in order to comprehend that we cannotcomprehend? How long will it take for us to finally realize that We can only understand this world so far as it is?

And yet for those who still think Jesus/Tim/Tom is savior, let us continue.

            But before we go on, another thing about this guy; how exactly was this man born? Popped out of a vagina, right? Or maybe it was through a C-section – but for practical purposes, let us say he lived in a time when C-sections meant the imminent death of the mother, and we somehow know she did not die immediately after his birth. So, he was popped out of a vagina.
And what had to happen before this particular popping out? He had to grow in his mother’s womb, slowly growing; a little mass of cells rapidly reproducing. But wait, before these cells could begin reproducing, how did they begin to reproduce? Wouldn’t there need to be an egg and a sperm present?
However, say there was not, that there was just an egg – what then? What happens to a woman’s egg if it is not fertilized? They just get washed out each month, right? So, if we want this guy to exist, and for our purposes, he did exist, then there had to have been the sperm-egg combination before he popped out of his mother.
But where did that sperm originate from? Is there such a thing as a phantom sperm, a complex arrangement of DNA and genetic programming that randomly assembles itself out of oxygen molecules and human skin? Ooo, interesting…I think there could very well be!
So, what happened, was that this phantom sperm suddenly appeared and traversed through the soon to be mother, burst through the egg’s wall, and got down to multiplication business. Yes! That’s it! Brilliant, bloody brilliant! How wonderful such a process it is! Yes, yes! [/end sarcasm]

            For some reason (or lack of it), most people (particularly ones who call themselves ‘apologists’) seem to get caught up with all these complex answers to questions about how stuff happens in regards to certain things. But of course, it is all actually quite simple. The problem is not that these questions are ‘Mysteries of Faith’ or are too difficult to answer and explain, but that these questions are invalid in the first place.
Asking “How does a virgin give birth to ‘god’s son’?” is as good as asking “How do cars poop out elephants?” See what I am saying? Virgins do not give birth, much less do they give birth to ‘god’s son,’ for reasons previously mentioned, just as cars do not poop, much less do they poop out elephants, as elephants usually do not find their way into gas tanks, much less fit through fuel lines, and although an elephant’s mischievous trunk could find its way through the air intake, the elephant’s trunk would then partake in the process of internal combustion, being burnt to a crisp and decomposed into various unrecognizable chemical compounds before the rest of it could even think of making it through.
So of course, to put it straight: Cars cannot poop out elephants just as virgins cannot give birth to ‘god’s son.’ That is how it goes, and it can never go any different, even if god wants to ‘work in mysterious ways.’

            So as we can see, the problem with people arguing for any religion is that its power lies in its ambiguity – that is, only if we choose to give it the power. But when we consider the laws of our universe and think about all the prerequisites behind every process, we find irrefutable clear-cut answers (at least for such basic inquiries as made here regarding the validity of man-made superstitions). And this is the reasoning that voids every so called ‘holy book’ while serving as our buffer between truth and fiction.
One man’s writings can never hold any more truth than reality, regardless of what their claims to authority may be. Rather, the only thing that counts is the repeated verifiability of the content. If anything cannot be proven every time, by every person attempting to do so – then it is not true.
Especially if the event relied upon ‘god,’ because anyone can write anything and claim that ‘god’ was responsible for it, that it’s your fault for not witnessing it, and that you are a scoundrel if you don’t believe it – and so in that case, anything could be true.

            Remember though, all of our conceptions of god have no actual existence whatsoever. Whatever our creator may be, this is beyond our comprehension. Nobody knows, and so we should not pretend to know. 
Yet that is what religions are doing, is pretending to know what they do not. They try to use a ‘chosen connection’ between this world and what they imagine is beyond. But nobody knows what is beyond. Maybe we will find out when we die, maybe we won’t – but while we are in this world, one thing is for sure: Nobody knows, nobody knows…

That is the wonderful mystery of it all. However, keep in mind that just because the fact we exist cannot be comprehended, this lack of an answer does not pave the way for more impossibly absurd happenings. We are here now, this uncertain-certainty is true – but now everything must obey the fundamental laws of our universe. We live in a reality that exerts itself the same upon us all, and there is no escaping it, even through imagining otherwise.
If one does indeed think otherwise and claim to believe in a ‘religion,’ it is all in their mind and that specific ‘religion’ does not actually exist. It is only an illusion, an imaginary line drawn between themselves and the rest of the world.


Sometimes, I almost feel bad for dismissing religion, since there are many people with a lot of love in their hearts involved with religion simply because that is what they think religion is attempting to spread – is this love, so they are drawn to it because it is an outlet for their natural predisposition; or if not natural, just how they crave to be.
These people mean no harm, they are trying their hardest to be the best people they can be, and that is wonderful, that is not the problem at all. The problem is these other people attempting to take advantage of them and allocate their love for furthering secondary causes founded upon bigotry and delusion.
However, there is no need for such division and our love should not be limited or exclusive to others who share the same ‘beliefs.’ We are all in this together, and there is no need to divide ourselves into groups fighting for convictions; it does not matter what one attributes their love to, so long as they are contributing it.
From this, I hope the genuinely good folks who think of themselves as ‘religious’ can free their minds and understand that this is what we need to do, that we need to make our love available to all and not make our love exclusive to only those who we choose to surround ourselves with – much less strap bombs to our chests and blow ourselves up over the whole ordeal.


            As previously mentioned, I do not claim that the presence of these ‘religions’ is nonexistent, but rather, that they are a deception of our reality. It has been my experience that followers of religion simply reiterate what they have been told, and let us be clear – this is not a valid form of reason.
For example, anyone can independently verify that 1 + 1 = 2, and though this world cannot be reduced to mathematics, it is with this same independently verifiable logic we need to conduct our thoughts.
Just as it is not valid to personally claim 1 + 1 = 3, it is also not valid to claim that 1 + 1 = 3 based on the ‘fact’ a book repeatedly says it is so. Obviously it is not true, and I would suggest more study time for those who still insist on claiming otherwise.
The only consolation I can offer from here on out to those who continue to think 1 + 1 = 3 would be automobiles missing a wheel or two, medicinal dosages that prove fatal, and bridges that collapse prior to being fully built – for if we cannot do something so basic as addition, we cannot successfully construct an endurable existence.

[Note: All calculations here are done using the base 10 numerical system. Of course, this is most usually assumed, though I am stating this for those extra-inquisitive people always looking for a technicality. And while, yes, it is true that this is the way to be, please remember that there is a big difference between being inquisitive and attempting to warp reality.]