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Downfall of the Muslims: A Review (Part-2)

by Dr Firoz Mahboob Kamal

The evils of kuffar occupation
Every occupation has its terrible calamities. These are much worse than the effects of a disease on the physical health. A disease affects only the body. It doesn’t damage the spiritual entity; neither does harm the infinite life in the hereafter. But the kuffar-occupation of a country damages the moral, the spiritual and the intellectual wellbeing of the common man and woman. (Note: the term kafir and kuffar are the jargons used by Allah Sub’hana Ta’la again and again in the holy Qur’an to describe the deniers and the enemies of Islam, hence used in this article to show deep respect to this Divine description). Oppression, political subjugation and economic exploitation are not the only evils of the occupiers; their crimes are much nastier and much disastrous. Finding the Divine Truth and following the Divine straight path are made almost impossible. In order to escape the calamities of Kuffar occupation, the great people like Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him), Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and many other Truth-seeking people had to leave their own birth places.
Along with obstructing the Divine straight path, the occupying forces construct massive educational, cultural and administrative infrastructure of derailment towards the hellfire. Such projects of derailment are not hidden, rather robustly and seductively displayed not only in the kuffar World but also in the Muslim World. Hence, even in the Muslim majority countries, those who oppose the fundamental basics of Islam like sharia, khelafa, hudud, shura, jihad and establishment of a fully Islamic state are not exclusively the foreign or native kuffars; the most formidable enemies of Islam appeared to be those who are the ideological cum cultural converts raised by educational institutions built by the kuffar occupiers. With such massive ideological cum cultural conversion to non-Islam, can any people deserve any blessing from the Almighty Lord? It can only bring down the Divine punishment. Losing to the invading infidels thus proved to be no less catastrophic than losing directly to the Devil. In fact, the Muslims now suffer the consequences of such evil occupation all over the Muslim World. It has added new momentum to the Muslims’ downfall. Even in the Muslim countries, the Muslims now face restriction not only in practising full Islam, but also face the terrible danger of being drawn towards the hellfire. The non-Islamic states with their manoeuvring laws, politics, education, administration, culture and other institutions, in fact, are in fact doing the heinous job of the Devil.
Hence, fighting such enemy occupation is a crucial issue in Islam. It is crucial not only to save Muslim lands from foreign exploitation, but to save the premise of Islamic faith, ideology and culture from Devilish corruption. There exists no doubt in the Islamic purity and sanctity of such jihad. Taking part in such a war is not an option, but an obligation on every physically fit believer. In fact, it is the indispensable part of the Muslims’ faith that asks every believer to be ever-ready to encounter any kuffar invasion. So, the direct command of Allah Sub’han wa Ta’la comes to every believer: “Hence, make ready against them (the enemy of Islam) whatever force and horses of war you are able to muster, so that you terrify the enemy of Allah and also your own enemy and others besides them of whom you do not know, but Allah knows. And whatever (wealth, efforts and life) you spend in the cause of Allah will be repaid to you in full; and you will not be wronged.”–(Sura Anfal, verse 60).

Cowardice surrender and the destruction: the new normal
In Islam, it is haram to well-come any enemy on the frontier. It is haram to stand non-combative in front of any kuffar invasion. Iman of a true believer shows its instant expression through resistance in all possible means. In the early days of Islam, embracing Islam always meant to have full readiness for war against any enemy attack. Hence, calling people to Islamic faith and prayers wasn’t the only duty of the last prophet (peace be upon him) of Islam; rather, encouraging the believers to take part in a full war against the enemies was also an important part of his mission. The prophet (peace be upon him) was commanded to do so by his Almighty Lord; as it is revealed, “O prophet! Urge the believers to war.” –(Sura Anfal, verse 65). Therefore, calling people to Islam and asking them to perform prayers are not the only issues in Islam. How to fight the enemies also stands as a part of the Qur’anic guidance. Amidst war-mongering enemies, acquiring military skills, collecting weapons and engaging in war are not any luxury, rather important parts of the survival strategies. The prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) himself acquired such skills. He played the role of the Commander in Chief in the war front. Which is why, he made the distinctive difference from other great people of the human history; unlike them, he could implement what he preached. Today, such Qur’anic decree on jihad and the prophetic (peace be upon him) tradition of war engagement receive little importance in the Muslims’ life. Rather, welcoming and supporting occupation by the internal and external enemies of Islam has been a new normal in the Muslim World. Even the so-called ulama are not any exception from such cowardice practice. As a result, the enemies of Islam –both external and internal, faced little resistance in continuing their most corruptive and coercive occupation; moreover, got emboldened to dismantle sharia, hudud, khilafa, Islamic judiciary and many other fundamental teachings of Islam even in predominantly Muslim lands. So the downfall of the Muslims continues.
The Muslims have increased only in number, but not in honour, strength and dignity. They are now being defeated, subjugated, raped and slaughtered in many parts of the Muslim World. Their cities and villages are being bombed to rubbles one after another. The sufferings have been so much unbearable that the Syrians Muslims are dying in the Mediterranean and the Rohinga Muslims are dying in the Bay of Bengal in their desperate move to flee from their ancestral homes. This is the most disgraceful shame for 1.5 billion Muslims now living in the world. Their collective conscience shows little sign that they still possess any moral sense to feel the most despicable shame as shame. The number of Muslims now live only in one district of Bangladesh, Caliph Omar didn’t have such a population in his whole state. But he could defeat the two contemporary World Powers.
The prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) predicted about such an awful state of the ummah about 14 hundred years ago. He also told about the causes of such a catastrophic fate: it is the love for this worldly life (hubbud duniah) and the dislike for the death (kerahatul maut) in the way of Allah Sub’han wa Ta’la. Addictive love for this transient worldly life has caused them forget the infinite life in the hereafter. Hence, martyrdom in His way that opens the door of paradise is hateful to them. Amidst such overwhelming cowardice and surrender to enemies, those who pursue the path of martyrdom to fight the kuffar occupation don’t receive even the recognition for their deep faith and self-sacrificing sincerity. Like the kuffars, they also label them as fanatic, extremist and even deviant from true Islam. As if, there is no place of war against kuffar occupation in Islam! As if, there is no martyrdom or shahada in Islam! As if, those early Muslims who fought and became shaheed to eradicate the kuffar occupation over the vast land of Asia and Africa were also fanatic or extremist! Such a conceptual perversion is the legacy of colonial as well as secularist occupation of the Muslim World. Now it is the common agenda of the USA and Russia-led enemies of Islam that the Muslims must survive with such perversion; and they shouldn’t be give any chance to return to the original Islam that was preached by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Most of the secularist, monarchist, nationalist and despotic rulers of the Muslim world have already aligned with such an enemy agenda. As a result, the Muslims are given no choice apart from continuing with the downhill course.