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10 Top Health Benefits Of Donkey’s Milk for Newborns -Babies

Donkey milk which is Rich in immuno-globulin helps human body from many viral and bacterial infections. These are mostly found in telangana regions especially in Adilabad. The secret behind the glowing skin of Egyptian princess Cleopatra’s is donkey milk. Its milk is very costly and in European countries the cheese that is been made from donkey’s milk is one of the world’s costliest dairy product. Its milk is palatable; here we have piled few of the 10 top health benefits of donkey’s milk for newborns and babies.

Donkey milk can help children with milk allergies

Health Benefits Of Donkey’s Milk For Newborns

  1. Its milk has high volumes of vitamin B, B12, C and nutrients in it.
  2. Its milk is equal to that of breast milk with high volumes of calories and minerals as that of buffalo milk.
  3. Donkey’s milk acts a good remedy to cure asthma and respiratory problems in newborns.
  4. It is a good Ayurvedic medicine for new born who are suffering from asthma, throat infections and tuberculosis.
  5. This is poor in proteins and fats but rich in minerals and vitamins.
  6. Researchers have found that the allergy that is caused due to cow’s milk can be cured well by giving donkey’s milk.
  7. Its milk can be used to feed Orphaned children as its milk has equal amounts of calories as that of breast milk of a mother.
  8. This can be given as a complete food for kids and it even cures few of skin diseases for infants.
  9. As it is rich in calcium this gives strong bones for babies and even protects baby from broken bones.
  10. When compared to human milk it has more than 60 times vitamin C content in it.
  11. It is one of the good ingredients for Probiotic and healing foods.
  12. The best alternatives for cow’s milk are goats and sheep’s milk to safeguard a kid from cow milk allergies.