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A Real Man Lives His Dreams

– Feature Guest Post by Author Mel Jones –

A real man lives his dreams. A real man follows his heart and constructs his deepest desires. A real man calculates the risks and weighs his options for the best possible life he could live based on the opportunities available, obstacles in his path, what he knows, what he has, what he has experienced and the choices he has made so far. A real man makes mistakes to find the truth, his truth. A real man is the entrepreneur of his life. A real man is the man you envision yourself being in a perfect world. The problem is this isn’t a perfect a world. It’s an unpredictable world. The only event you can see ahead of time is your next action. You know what you’re going to do next. So I ask you, in a perfect world what would be your next move?

I’ve seen it time and time again. Settlement. When we are kids our imagination is free and limitless. There are endless amount of things we want to do and be. We don’t fathom the impossible. All we know is what we desire. Then as teenagers we begin to grow ideas. Not only do we think about what we wish to be, based on what we’ve seen, we now start to imagine something new. Teenagers are creative because our bodies are in a state of new creation. Puberty begins our metamorphosis. This is where the cocoon is woven and our wings begin to form. But most transformations are cut short and we begin to settle for what is expected of us.

Society, adults, teachers, professors, parents, peers, significant other, and the rest of the other caterpillars out there tell us that life is not about transforming into your full expression. It’s about getting a job. It’s about being responsible. It’s about staying out of trouble. If you’re in school, it’s about getting into some trouble. It’s making and doing just enough to create a life that looks ideal from the outside observer. And for men, it’s about looking like a man, not actually being one.

A man doesn’t have to be macho. A man doesn’t have to be emotional. A man doesn’t have to own his own business. A man doesn’t have to be the bread winner. A man doesn’t have to have kids. A man doesn’t have to be a bachelor. A man doesn’t have to be the boss. A man doesn’t have to have the perfect job. A man doesn’t have to be rich. A man doesn’t have to live modestly. A man doesn’t have to like labor. A man doesn’t have to be buff. A man can be whatever he wants to be, but you’re not a real man if you’re not being exactly that.

Most so called men are just being who they think they should be. Who you should really be is how you should really live. A real man doesn’t make his decisions based on feelings; he makes them based on goals. What are your goals?

What does your dream life look like? Not the American Dream or the ultimate man dream. What is YOUR dream? What do you love? What have you always desired? What are you curious about? What makes you tick? What fulfills you? What interests you? What are you gifted in? Where does your talent lie? What are you passionate about? What are your favorite hobbies? What kind of family do you want? What kind of spouse do you want? What kind of friends do you want? Think deeply and share in the comments below.

Real men don’t just dream; they allow themselves to envision what they want that dream to look like. What’s my dream? To be a world class speaker, best-selling author, owner of a million-dollar motivation company, become a sportswear guru, own a billion-dollar app, be a movie actor, be a comedy writer, invent new exercise equipment, be looked at as the world’s greatest father, be known as a hard worker, become a nutrition expert, remain a fitness professional, be known as a sports training specialist, be the perfect lover, succeed in philanthropy, be an awesome son, be an incredible brother, be a mentor to many, and be what I believe is a real man.

I want to be what I want to be right now. I never want to be something I didn’t intend. Your profession doesn’t make you who you are. It is the intention of your actions. If your intentions are always pointed in the direction of your dreams, then you are always walking in conjecture of a real man.

A real man does not compromise who he is just to please others. If you are compromising to present yourself in a light that you believe is your most desired version of yourself, then you aren’t really compromising. You are exercising your right to be a man.


Mel Jones is the author of the 90-chapter/90-day mental transformation book, 90: Building The Ultimate Empire” (now available onAmazon). He is a Powerful Thinking Coach and Lifestyle Entrepreneur from Williamsburg, VA. Known on YouTube as the Motivational Philosopher, Mel likes to keep his message simple. Everyone should Live In Fulfillment Every day, and that is how you spell L.I.F.E. Mel Jones is founder and CEO of Grip Work Gear LLC, a Powerful Motivation Factory that produces products/services to promote Powerful Thinking, Powerful Living, and a Powerful Lifestyle. You can learn more about Mel Jones at


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