Sunday , January 20 2019
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Why Feminism Still Needs To Be Called..

To Be More Inclusive, We Need To Change Feminism Itself, Not The Word Feminism




Using the word “feminism” shouldn’t prevent people from seeing other aspects of inequality within the movement. The whole concept of “intersectional feminism” was founded to try and broaden our understanding of discrimination against women, and make it clear that sexism is inextricably linked to race, class, and other factors.

The famous idea of “womanism,” as coined by author Alice Walker, is an attempt to answer one bit of this exclusionary issue — how can women of color feel comfortable and heard in a movement hugely dominated, throughout history, by white women? It’s an ongoing conversation, and it’s important for everybody to have a space where they feel their struggle is the focus. But replacing feminism with something that doesn’t acknowledge anybody’s struggle? In my opinion, that is taking it too far.


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